Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Manga Review: Alice in the Country of Hearts Volume 1

Authors: QuinRose, Hoshino Soumei
Released: March 1st 2010 by Tokyopop
# of Pages: 184

Summary: (from Goodreads)

In this inventive retelling of the "Alice in Wonderland" story - Alice wakes up to find a white rabbit wearing clothes. The rabbit forcefully drags Alice into the rabbit hole, where he turns into a young man with rabbit ears.

Plot: Follow Alice down the rabbit hole again in the exciting new adventure... manga style. Alice in the Country of Hearts (Vol. 1) is an enticing mixture of the traditional Alice in Wonderland with a new twist. The tale begins with Alice awaking from a dream concerning a mysterious game. Upon telling her sister of the game, she believes that Alice's subconscious is eager for some entertainment, and hurries off to find some cards. Much like the original tale, Alice spies a white rabbit in the distance with a large clock. However, instead of following the white rabbit, it comes to her and explains that she is not following him as she should. To Alice's surprise, the rabbit turns into a man with white rabbit ears. He quickly grabs her and thrusts her into a large hole that has mysteriously appeared. And off to Wonderland we go...

Once in Wonderland, Peter White (aka the white rabbit) explains to Alice that she must drink from a magic vial. Upon refusing, Peter forces Alice through a kiss. And thus the game begins... While not much is known about the game in the first volume, I have to say that I am intrigued.

Characters: The main characters are still in here, but with a twist: The Mad Hatter is a Mafia Boss named Blood Dupre, Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum are the gatekeepers to Blood's home and territory, the Cheshire cat is Boris, a punk teenager with cat ears, and of course, Peter White, the man with rabbit ears who is madly in love with Alice. Actually, it seems that most of the male characters are in love with Alice. But to find out why.... you will have to read the manga.

Graphics: For the most part, the graphics were outstanding. I really loved the cover of this manga, as well as the look of the characters. Alice, for the most part, is dress in a typical Victorian style. And I must admit that every time I saw her in a new outfit... my mind scream, I want!

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Series information:
There are currently three volumes of this series available with the fourth being released in September of 2010. Currently, there is no information regarding how long the series will be.

This series is rated YA for readers ages 14+.

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  1. Interesting. I may have to look for this one.